Suicide Squad | Movie Summary

SPOILER ALERT!!!! You have been warned.

Here’s a sloppy but hopefully thorough summary of what went down in Suicide Squad. Whether you haven’t seen it or are just a bit rusty, here goes…. :

Superman is dead. The world needs a new villain-management plan.  Amanda Waller (an intelligence officer and all around boss-ass-bitch) creates the mighty “task force X” which is basically a group of criminals that each have supernatural powers. Colonel Rick Flag (who is a normal human) is put in charge of them and basically can only control them because each of the criminals has a nano bomb implanted in their necks that he has the detonate button to.

A member of task force X is Rick’s girlfriend… a sweet little archaeologist that has been possessed by a witch/goddess/scary being that goes by the name “Enchantress”. Amanda thinks she has control over the all-powerful being because she has her heart in a briefcase that she can stab whenever the Enchantress misbehaves. This of course doesn’t hold up and the Enchantress summons tons of crazy monsters and contacts her brother for strength and help. This all goes down in a subway and Amanda has to call on her new task force (which she has left uninformed as to what they’re even fighting.)(The whole thing is passed off as a terrorist attack.)(It’s very clearly not a terrorist attack.)

Harley Quinn and the Joker are a thing that exist still (Since this IS the batman universe, after all) so the Joker manipulates his way into the prison to get Harley’s nano bomb deactivated. One of the task force members tries to escape and is killed by the bomb (he thought the bombs were fake). The rest of the squad is attacked by Enchantress’ monster minions.

After making it to a safe room, the squad meets up with Amanda Waller and escorts her to the rooftop “for extraction”. The Joker has taken over the incoming helicopter, however and takes Harley away. Amanda orders Deadshot (one of the task force members who never misses a shot) to shoot Harley (who is swinging from a rope off of the helicopter) since her bomb was deactivated. Deadshot “misses” and we get some character development. Woohoo. The helicopter is shot down anyways and Harley rejoins the squad because she thinks the Joker is dead (very sad moment, of course). Monster minions kidnap Amanda. Deadshot finds files and learns about Enchantress. Rick has to tell the truth. Squad members abandon him. Rick decides to call of the mission but continue anyways. Presumed evil villains jump at the chance to prove that they’re not evil and rejoin to save Amanda. Other task force members special powers finally come into play, putting to use the mutant crocodile-human and the literal devil who makes fire. I know, if you haven’t seen the movie, it sounds weird. The devil assumes his true form and there’s a pretty cool fight between Gods to distract the super powerful brother of the Enchantress.

Squad fights Enchantress. Squad fails. Enchantress is playing with their minds, but they’re smarter than that. Harley pretends to buy into the Enchantress’ BS in order to get close enough to kill her. Rick ends up being the one that has to  crush the Enchantress’ heart, because conflict. June (the archaeologist girlfriend) is freed from Enchantress’ curse. Amanda is also saved and gives each criminal ten years off their sentences as well as special privileges (aside from one of them who misbehaved). Also the Joker is still alive and comes to Harley’s rescue back at the prison. The after-credits scene is Amanda meeting with Batman who will now act as her bodyguard as long as he gets access to the ever-growing file of super-humans (cliff hanger possibilities, oh no!)


The end.

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