Silver Hair and Life Goals

I’m going to dye my hair silver. But for some reason my brain needs to have something else first. Some sort of life order. To remedy this, I’m setting goals around it. Once I jog 20 miles (total), and get my room clean I will dye my hair. By that time I’ll also probably have received glasses in the mail (and some new makeup that I bought). I also think I’m going to have my friend give me an industrial piercing. I’m excited to have a whole new look so near in the future… but also having to work towards it is satisfying right now. I’m not going to say I’ve never worked for anything in my life, but… I have been quite spoiled.
Another aspect of my life I’d like to have in place is a morning routine. I had one for a while and it made life just so much sweeter. For me, this will constitute waking up in one of the single digit hours of the morning (before 10 am)… say 8:30 am. Hopefully I’ll build up to 6 am comfortably someday because I love watching the sunrise when it feels like the whole world is asleep.
Okay, so, I wake up early, I eat breakfast (scrambled eggs and/or oatmeal)(requirement for myself: the food has to be photogenic. That’s how I know I’m eating well), I read/listen to a podcast (I love podcasts, I need to listen to more. Especially the “Being Boss” one), wash my face and brush my teeth… and that’s the general structure I need. And coffee. Past that, I want to blog daily for a while. As a journal if nothing else.
To clarify, a clean room for me right now would mean clear/organized surfaces as well as a clean and clear floor (wait, isn’t that a brand of face wash?). I’ll log process on that as it goes.
Now, I’m going to go to the gym with my boyfriend after eating a picture perfect salad. Life isn’t so bad, and in this moment, it seems extremely doable. So let’s do this!

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