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I currently live at home with my parents, we all live with my grandfather to take care of him. Recently his mental state has been dependent on his health. He’s got a P.hD in the Classics, but as his health deteriorates…

Today I overheard my dad talking to my grandpa (since the g-pa is almost deaf, it’s very easy to over hear the yelled conversations) “Whatcha got there?” My dad yells at about 11:00 am (grandpas breakfast time), “…. those are dog treats.”

“Wha?” deaf dude says.

“Dog. Treats. Look,” he picks up and points at the package, ” ‘Because your best friend deserves nature’s best ingredients!’ …. Would you like me to make you something!” 

A grilled cheese and cup of coffee later and the old guy is taken care of. I just… sigh. 

Life is interesting. 

Be grateful for your caretakers and mental health. 

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