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working girl and ready for life quinn pascal
Working Girl and Ready for Life by Quinn Pascal

That job I was talking about? I got it! Not only that, I start TOMORROW! Hoo hoo! I’m so excited to work! I can tell it will be a great community to be a part of, but if I can be real with you for a sec… I’m pumped for the money. Specifically because I contacted a renter yesterday about a room saying I’ll let them know if I get the job. This mean I get to move my booty OUT soon! Or at least probably.

My morning routine was going strong until today. I overslept, woke up at 11 to my mom handing me the phone with my employer on the other line to tell me I got the job- what a sweet way to wake up! I forced myself to brush my teeth and wash my face even though gravity felt x200 on my shoulders.

I’m most excited to have constant income to finally put all those budgets and planning I’ve been reading and dreaming about to use! Let me know if you want a post on that soon once I get that ball rolling!

If I get to see that apartment we’d be moving into, I’ll never stop dreaming and planning. At least not until I’m living there! All I want right now is to DIY dollar store finds and cook my boyfriend french toast and strawberries in the morning! We would be sharing the kitchen with three other people and honestly, I just want to make them all cookies and pot roast. Is that weird?

Speaking of cooking, I was experimenting with truffle and pesto fried kale… probably would have tasted better with a fried egg on top- recipe of that coming soon when I give it another go!

Until then,

Quinn Pascal

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