Working with Life Intentions

Hello coaching peeps! If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you know what the life intentions list is. So, I was looking at it and felt… off. Okay, yeah I know which I identify with and which I don’t, but what do they mean? What do I do with them? My brain insisted that there was a better way to look at these words. I started by writing down the ones I chose (that was fifteen of the larger list) and drawing arrows to intentions that I felt had a connection.

After doing this, I rewrote them in a more visually pleasing way since looking at this just made me think “great, ok, there are arrows. So?”

After doing this, I realized that they all connected quite a bit so I rewrote them again- this time in a long list, going through each of the fifteen intentions I picked and writing the other intentions involved. The list format is “I intend to be:”… “which requires being…” and started with the intention closest to the top which seemed the most important regarding the “real world” at the time.

Then I wrote my list and tallied up how many times each intentions showed up in another. I counted the tallies and wrote the intentions again in tiers- intentions with a tally of four at the top, then three, two, and one going down. This didn’t feel right for some reason, so I noted which intentions held more importance for me and I mentally floated those to the top of the chart.

Then I broke out the colored pens (oh snap) and I circled business intentions in green, personal intensions in lilac and social intentions in red.

Feeling a bit clearer now (if anything from writing them again and again) I wrote them again in two columns- more business toned intention and more personal, now with the more important ones to me closer to the top- notice how the previously thought to be most important intention is now at the bottom (;

I still felt like I could be clearer with what these intentions are.  The question that appeared in my mind was “What is this looking like for me?” So I broke away from writing the same intentions over and over and started to write what I thought each one meant- what it consisted of, what it might physically look like, any idea of a schedule, how it can be measured, etc. I’m still in the process of working through the other intentions, but my next step is going to be making a list of actions for each intention. This way, whenever I feel anxious or like I’m not working to my potential, I can pick a task from the list and know that I’m working towards who I want to be in this world especially since they’re all connected and benefit from each other!

I hope this helps you with your life intentions, thanks for reading!

Until next time,


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