IBD Diary 1

Warning: Explicit language and body talk.

(Other disclaimer: This is a record of my personal experiences. Not everyone goes through the same thing, but I know some can relate.)

Alright this is a personal matter, so if you don’t have Inflammatory Bowel Disease or someone in your life with such, you probably want to click away. Seriously, it’s okay. I won’t be offended.

This is going to be almost completely a train of thought blog because I’ve rarely had the energy to get to the point of sitting up and typing. Had I done this a week ago, the text you’re reading would have been unintelligible, all-caps rage. The rage is still there, don’t get me wrong, but now that my head has had time to cool, I can address the hot topic- my gut! Get it, because, inflammation is hot, and painful, seriously I sleep with ice packs under my shirt.

Okay pause– just so I know we’re on the same page here: Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is “Ongoing inflammation of all or part of the digestive tract.” which most commonly takes form as Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. These are chronic illnesses. ‘Chronic’ means consistent or reoccurring pain in the fucking ass.

Great, so glad you now understand this über sexy-sounding disease. I’ll continue with my story:

It all started… well, I’m not sure. But symptoms seemingly spontaneously amplified fall of 2016. Luckily I was already taking a gap-term of sorts after graduating high school, otherwise I would have dropped out of college, no doubt.  For the past month or so I’ve had to cut out all dairy and caffeine.[ctt template=”12″ link=”0pcG7″ via=”no” ] I never thought I would cry so much over cheese. #IBD[/ctt]

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