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Hoverboard High Hopes Destroyed

Like any other fun-loving sci fi nerd, I was thrilled when the new two wheeled, self stabilizing scooter/hoverboards came out. I’ve been begging all my friends and family to buy me one as a present but now I’m not so sure that I want one. As the days go by, more and more mishaps have been occurring on these boards- bus crashes, spontaneous combustions, and malfunctions. No thank you!

An overlooked¬†contributing factors to these tragedies are consumer ignorance. No one wants to admit their fault, but some of the people spending $300+ on a hoverboard are not checking the weight limit! There is in fact a weight limit, just like other things that hold people up (like elevators) and they’re meant to be noticed as well as noted. Another possibly error in the system of how they’re being made. Scooters are being made in China at an extremely fast pace- so fast that the safety of the boards isn’t the priority.

Some sources say that this is just another trend that we will move on from, like selfie-sticks, but while we’re obsessed with the current trends, quantity will remain more important that quality.

One way to avoid low quality products would be to not buy any off of Amazon or Ebay that cost any less than $300. Yes, you do get what you pay for. Although it’s tempting to get one at a low price and save money, you might end up with a weak fire-starter.

I’ll let you know if I find a reliable board to buy, but until then: Stay safe!

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