My Dream Job & My Proudest Moment

My ultimate dream job…

…would be an author/blogger/artist… etc. At the moment however, I’ve been practicing special effects makeup. I think it would be incredible to create creatures and make prosthetics for movies, painting halloween masks and all that. Eventually I would like to go to cinema makeup school for this, but in the mean time I’m just working on learning in my bedroom. I would also love to be a teacher someday. I have a lot of jobs that I would love doing!

My proudest moment.

I’m not sure I have one… odd, I know, but I enjoy small victories. Like when I was tutoring a student in spanish and the teacher told me their grade went up several letters. I was pretty proud of myself when I didn’t set my snake on fire. Making my first sale as a freelance artist was another good one. I guess all I can do for now if to keep striving to make my next victory my proudest moment… and then the next, and the next, and the next.

Thanks for tuning in for this brief glance into my dreams, until next time!


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