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Destroyed Dreams Confirmed

Remember that post I wrote on hoverboards recently? Yeah. Amazon is officially not selling them due to the spontaneous combustion. I’m sad, but at least there won’t be any more rolling flame starters being sold. 

I’ve recently been dealing with confidence. I’ve been feeling pretty confident recently- I started freelance writing on iWriter and got a pretty sweet gig. On the side of that, I wrote a couple articles for other people and I’ve only gotten one rejection. Ironically, that one rejection was an article I wrote titled “How to Find Your Inner Confidence”. I’m so glad I got a good start before that instance because if that was the first article I wrote and it got rejected, well… I would need to read it to gain confidence back. Even better- the feedback I was given: “2.5 stars, Didnt like it.” Thanks. Was that necessary? As a person that wants to be able to improve, that was possibly the least helpful advice I could have been given. I’ve been able to laugh it off, but it’s still an interesting thought. 

My “Confidence” article was produced because it was requested. At the time, I believed I was making high quality content- was it really? Apparently not, but no harm was done. The hoverboard companies supplied when there was demand- holiday time after the infamous Back to the Future day. Did they know that they were making dangerous, low quality toys? Or did they honestly believe, like I did, that they were making quality content. If they did think that, I’m not sure confidence should be enough reason to sell something that you’re certain will be bought and accepted with enthusiasm. Research needs to be done on how much money those companies made before they were identified as dangerous and stopped selling. Are people getting their money back? Is anyone suing them? I sure hope so. 

Confidence can take you a long way, but would you choose being confident if it meant ignorance? Let me know in the comments.

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