Catch Up Day- Towards the end of March 2017

Thursday and Friday I had forgotten to post my art here, so I just posted them, but that was the beginning of my recent descent into laziness. Saturday I woke up super early for a long dance rehearsal. After dance I had another infusion which went well aside from correcting a nurses mistakes left and right.. doesn’t help that the pharmacies don’t know what they’re doing either. Anyways, after my infusion I felt goooooood! Good enough to have a friend over spontaneously which is a very big accomplishment for who I am as a person. Sunday…. I didn’t even get

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March 19th, Sunday

Today’s painting is inspired by the dance photoshoot my company had yesterday! Used cool gel lights that made my hair look red tinted and my black jacket was shining blue. Super cool stuff. I’m so exhausted and sore though! I forgot how intense just being at attention for seven hours is… especially in heels- my feet were spamming last night. I’m taking it easy today, doing some art for my upcoming Tshirt company! Then hopefully I’ll have given my muscles enough of a rest to attend the burlesque class on Monday! Whoop woop! Until tomorrow morning… 

March 12th, Sunday

A good morning. I somehow didn’t feel the time change at all. Maybe a little bit, but I still woke up at 8am to make breakfast and play with the pet baby rats (who are so cute and growing so quickly!)