Catch Up Day- Towards the end of March 2017

Thursday and Friday I had forgotten to post my art here, so I just posted them, but that was the beginning of my recent descent into laziness. Saturday I woke up super early for a long dance rehearsal. After dance I had another infusion which went well aside from correcting a nurses mistakes left and right.. doesn’t help that the pharmacies don’t know what they’re doing either. Anyways, after my infusion I felt goooooood! Good enough to have a friend over spontaneously which is a very big accomplishment for who I am as a person. Sunday…. I didn’t even get around to picking out my daily Qualities of Being. Sigh. It was just a lazy day. I watched Sherlock with my parents, I choreographed for tonight’s dance practice a bit. So today I’m starting to get back on track! It might take a day or two because I have a lot to do, but I’m staring here. That’s that!

Until tomorrow,


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