Money and Houses, a Tale of a Determined 19 Year Old

bird house quinn pascal

nineteen 19 years old and Planning to buy a house quinn pascal

I want to move out. My home life is pretty good, but I’m starting to see the benefits of having my own place. The thing is, I don’t want to live in an apartment. My boyfriend and I went to look at some but they’re just… disappointing. My solution? “Why don’t we just live at home for a bit and buy a house?” Apparently it irritated him that I was making purchasing and moving into a house seem so easy. After talking to my mom though (who also wants me to spread my wings) she has had property investment on her mind. She was thinking duplex, but I may have just convinced her to invest in a house within the next 6 months. I’ll have to save up and contribute, maybe “rent” a room in my boy’s house to get some space, but it’s a possibility in the not-too-far future. I was ready to bust my butt to make 100,000 in a year. Now I may only have to do 25-45,000 before May of next year. Not too bad if you ask me.

So, it’s currently August. 10 months until May (when my mom said). That’s 4,500 a month. Or 1,125 a week. 160 a day. Hmmmm. I’m planning on writing a children’s book. I’m house sitting right now, which could also be a business since I’m fantastic at it. Blogging, a bit harder but potentially worth it. My tshirt business if I stick with it.

However I need to do it, I’m determined. I’ll make a plan and get it done. What do you think? If you’ve bought a house, how did you approach it?


-Quinn Pascal

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