Blogtober Challenge, Days 2 & 3

Alright, so, wow. Yesterday I forgot that this was a thing that I set out to do. I need to make a reminder on my phone. I’m going to pick myself up and put yesterday and today’s prompt into this one post, and then move on to continue with the challenge normally.

Day 2: 20 facts about me! Time to get to know a bit about the mighty Q, huh?

  1. I have a black cat named Stanley that I got for my 4th birthday.
  2. I tried to name Stanley “Furniture”
  3. I have a normal ball python named Mocha.
  4. I’ve almost set Mocha on fire.
  5. One time Mocha didn’t eat her food because she had just started going into shed… I now have a pet rat named “Tita” (Short for “Ratita”… ‘little rat’ in spanish.)
  6. I’m really really into SFX makeup.
  7. There’s an embarrassing YouTube channel of me when I was about 11 years old where I posted videos of my singing.
  8. I currently have three piercings on my face.
  9. I enjoy any music that ISN’T country.
  10. I live with my parents and we live with my grandpa. He listens to opera on full volume at 3am.
  11. I get excited whenever I see 11:11 on a clock.
  12. I absolutely love the rain.
  13. 13 is my lucky number!
  14. I’m an artist!
  15. I love all things art and creative.
  16. I recently started practicing calligraphy and hand lettering. I’m posting daily on this instagram account called ‘calligraphicq’
  17. My best friend and I want to own a farm (really just a ton of pets) with two goats named Trixie and LaLa.
  18. I love reading but haven’t had the attention span to finish a book recently.
  19. Food is awesome. I always love popcorn, pasta, and noodles.
  20. I’m addicted to coffee/caffeine.

If you want to hear anything more about any of those, let me know in the comments! There are some fantastic stories waiting to be told.

Day 3 prompt: What’s your favorite quote?

There are so many great quotes out there, I couldn’t just pick one. When asked that question though, the quote that instantly pops into mind is “Life Goes On” because it’s a mantra I came up with a long time ago that has helped me get through emotionally really tough times.

That’s it for today! See ya tomorrow! I won’t forget this time!(;


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