A High School Senior Blog

Blog post, take one.

Her clammy hands hesitated above the keyboard, dancing in uncertainty. This is it. No going back. This is what will define her FOREVER. Not like she’ll be going into her senior year of high school and applying for colleges. Obviously this is more important. Starting a blog. 

Okay so maybe fanfiction/creative writing isn’t my forte. Well… okay, it is. I love writing and I’m taking several writing classes this coming trimester but NO. Not for this blog.

This will be a blog blog. I will blog through my senior year of high school and see where it takes me.

Click, space. High school is not one word, damnit. She attempts to make a mental note.


I’m certain the style of these posts will change over time, but in this moment I intend for this blog to follow me through adventures of volunteering, working, senioritis, pre-college angst, and much more. Including but not limited to: school subjects, my inner monologues, dance, music, art, and general tech love (social media and video games).


I look forward to getting to know you as we both get to know me.

Too cheesy?

Oh well.

Until next time,

Call me Q

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