A Chatty Post on Trends and Life | March 21, 2018

Good morning, starshine.

10 points to Ravenclaw for getting out of bed today. Shoutout to anyone with chronic illness, depression, and/or anxiety that woke up today. You rock, you’re doing awesome.

So, let’s talk about trends. I found myself searching for “fashion trends, spring 2018” when I realized… what even is trend culture?

I searched, I clicked on the most appealing youtube video (minimalist, recent, feminine, polished/professional looking) and started watching. The youtuber just started talking about styles she’s observed on the runways recently and her opinion on them. I’ve been seeing those trends all over pinterest as well (follow me here) but suddenly seeing this stranger GUSH about how the new gucci bag is to DIE for made a spark twinkle in my eye and now I felt a need for the louis vuiton fanny pack too.

Then I caught myself. I’ve always thought fanny packs were awesome. My grandpa had one, I wore one when I was eight years old, but after time we were shunned into carrying bags on longer straps and purses with chain handles. I was bummed out, so why are they now back in style and being rebranded as “waist bags”?! I can only assume someone famous with a lot of influence decided that the practicality outweighed the dorkiness and wore one. Or someone with the same social weight just wanted to start something to talk about. To be honest, I’m too lazy to research that now, but damn do I want the power to bring trends back. They go through a natural cycle anyways- my tastes are the same as my mom’s in the 80s.

Influencing power is alluring, but in essence… I think I just really want to wear overalls again. Fashion is fashion, but I say wear what makes you happy- happiness is the new trend! How about THAT! Next paycheck I’m going to go shopping for some overalls and buy what makes me smile, not what I think will “look the best” or “fit in”.

Who’s with me?

Thanks for listening to my ramble, what do you think? Comment below!

Hasta luego,


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  1. This is so interesting!! I’ve never really thought about that before… to be honest, we pretty much just recycle all ‘trends’ now… like those small 90s glasses that are huge right now! I agree, if you feel good just wear it and start your own trend 😉


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