Livestream Gaming

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Recently I’ve started streaming on twitch! I play Overwatch and am painfully awaiting the release of Absolver, a martial arts game with unique learning paths and move mechanics. I’m preordering the game soon and will stream it the second it come out on August 29th. Meanwhile, I’ve ordered this capture card¬†(and HDMI cables) and will start streaming my face along with my voice! This is an exciting advancement in my blossoming streaming career. ¬†Check me out and hopefully we’ll have lots of fun together! Love, Quinn Pascal aka Aecst (;

I Feel an Anxiety Attack Coming On- Here’s How I’m Dealing With It

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As the title implies, I have anxiety. I feel a breakdown starting to happen as they have been quite frequently recently but this time I’m taking a different approach. My approach has to be different especially because my boyfriend is out of town and he’s been my anchor. For the past hour I’ve been watching youtube videos. Not necessarily helpful ones either. Step one: closing out of youtube. Step two: Food? Food. Sweet potato fries are now in the oven. Step three: While fries are baking, medicate and start writing a blog post. Yes, what you’re reading right now is

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Money and Houses, a Tale of a Determined 19 Year Old

bird house quinn pascal

I want to move out. My home life is pretty good, but I’m starting to see the benefits of having my own place. The thing is, I don’t want to live in an apartment. My boyfriend and I went to look at some but they’re just… disappointing. My solution? “Why don’t we just live at home for a bit and buy a house?” Apparently it irritated him that I was making purchasing and moving into a house seem so easy. After talking to my mom though (who also wants me to spread my wings) she has had property investment on

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