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Working with Life Intentions

Hello coaching peeps! If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you know what the life intentions list is. So, I was looking at it and felt… off. Okay, yeah I know which I identify with and which I don’t, but what do they mean? What do I do with them? My brain insisted that there was a better way to look at these words. I started by writing down the ones I chose (that was fifteen of the larger list) and drawing arrows to intentions that I felt had a connection.

After doing this, I rewrote them in a more visually pleasing way since looking at this just made me think “great, ok, there are arrows. So?”

After doing this, I realized that they all connected quite a bit so I rewrote them again- this time in a long list, going through each of the fifteen intentions I picked and writing the other intentions involved. The list format is “I intend to be:”… “which requires being…” and started with the intention closest to the top which seemed the most important regarding the “real world” at the time.

Then I wrote my list and tallied up how many times each intentions showed up in another. I counted the tallies and wrote the intentions again in tiers- intentions with a tally of four at the top, then three, two, and one going down. This didn’t feel right for some reason, so I noted which intentions held more importance for me and I mentally floated those to the top of the chart.

Then I broke out the colored pens (oh snap) and I circled business intentions in green, personal intensions in lilac and social intentions in red.

Feeling a bit clearer now (if anything from writing them again and again) I wrote them again in two columns- more business toned intention and more personal, now with the more important ones to me closer to the top- notice how the previously thought to be most important intention is now at the bottom (;

I still felt like I could be clearer with what these intentions are.  The question that appeared in my mind was “What is this looking like for me?” So I broke away from writing the same intentions over and over and started to write what I thought each one meant- what it consisted of, what it might physically look like, any idea of a schedule, how it can be measured, etc. I’m still in the process of working through the other intentions, but my next step is going to be making a list of actions for each intention. This way, whenever I feel anxious or like I’m not working to my potential, I can pick a task from the list and know that I’m working towards who I want to be in this world especially since they’re all connected and benefit from each other!

I hope this helps you with your life intentions, thanks for reading!

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Catch Up Day- Towards the end of March 2017

Thursday and Friday I had forgotten to post my art here, so I just posted them, but that was the beginning of my recent descent into laziness. Saturday I woke up super early for a long dance rehearsal. After dance I had another infusion which went well aside from correcting a nurses mistakes left and right.. doesn’t help that the pharmacies don’t know what they’re doing either. Anyways, after my infusion I felt goooooood! Good enough to have a friend over spontaneously which is a very big accomplishment for who I am as a person. Sunday…. I didn’t even get around to picking out my daily Qualities of Being. Sigh. It was just a lazy day. I watched Sherlock with my parents, I choreographed for tonight’s dance practice a bit. So today I’m starting to get back on track! It might take a day or two because I have a lot to do, but I’m staring here. That’s that!

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March 19th, Sunday

Today’s painting is inspired by the dance photoshoot my company had yesterday! Used cool gel lights that made my hair look red tinted and my black jacket was shining blue. Super cool stuff. I’m so exhausted and sore though! I forgot how intense just being at attention for seven hours is… especially in heels- my feet were spamming last night. I’m taking it easy today, doing some art for my upcoming Tshirt company! Then hopefully I’ll have given my muscles enough of a rest to attend the burlesque class on Monday! Whoop woop! Until tomorrow morning…