My Second Infusion | A Life Update 

If you haven’t read my first post about this, you should probably check it out.  As a follow up, this time went SO much better. My nurse was my best friends mom, and she is GOOD at what she does. My body was also more cooperative. Nothing went wrong or even slightly funny, it was the ideal experience. An infusion, burger, and trip to the art store later and I’m set to resume life! Which is exciting because symptoms that were taken away with the last infusion started to come back on Wednesday and really came back yesterday. Sigh. Buh-bye

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Senility | Thoughts

I currently live at home with my parents, we all live with my grandfather to take care of him. Recently his mental state has been dependent on his health. He’s got a P.hD in the Classics, but as his health deteriorates… Today I overheard my dad talking to my grandpa (since the g-pa is almost deaf, it’s very easy to over hear the yelled conversations) “Whatcha got there?” My dad yells at about 11:00 am (grandpas breakfast time), “…. those are dog treats.” “Wha?” deaf dude says. “Dog. Treats. Look,” he picks up and points at the package, ” ‘Because

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A Rant About My Cat

When I was four years old I got a cat for my birthday. Almost 15 years later and I’ve still got him! I’ll blog about the birthday event later because I was pretty funny as a four year old, but right now I need to get this off my chest.  As I said, 15 years. I’ve had my cat, Stanley, for FIFTEEN YEARS. They’ve been good and solid! But now he officially qualifies as an old cat. An obnoxious old cat. In his old age he has actually become a lot more relaxed, less territorial (stopped pissing on everything). However,

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Suicide Squad | Movie Summary

SPOILER ALERT!!!! You have been warned. Here’s a sloppy but hopefully thorough summary of what went down in Suicide Squad. Whether you haven’t seen it or are just a bit rusty, here goes…. : Superman is dead. The world needs a new villain-management plan.  Amanda Waller (an intelligence officer and all around boss-ass-bitch) creates the mighty “task force X” which is basically a group of criminals that each have supernatural powers. Colonel Rick Flag (who is a normal human) is put in charge of them and basically can only control them because each of the criminals has a nano bomb

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My First Infusion Experience | My IBD Diary

Warning: This post will contain medical content- lots of needle talk! Disclaimer: This is just my personal experience. It is different for everyone. My Infusion Experience With that out of the way, I’m going to talk about my first infusion treatment for my severe ulcerative colitis. I was only recently diagnosed, the “severe” part of the diagnosis is what got me to this stage of treatment faster. I’m only 18 and still babied, so my mom was with me the whole time as she normally is to deal with all the technical details. First, I was sat in a room.

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Dancing For Two Design | A Maternity Shirt

Dancing for Two Quirky quinn pascal

Sitting on the side of a dance class I go to, watching one of the participants (who is currently 29+ weeks pregnant) inspired me to make this design! “Dancing for two” is my play on the typical ‘eating for two’ that’s commonly associated with… well, people carrying another person in them!