A Chatty Post on Trends and Life | March 21, 2018

Good morning, starshine. 10 points to Ravenclaw for getting out of bed today. Shoutout to anyone with chronic illness, depression, and/or anxiety that woke up today. You rock, you’re doing awesome. So, let’s talk about trends. I found myself searching for “fashion trends, spring 2018” when I realized… what even is trend culture? I searched, I clicked on the most appealing youtube video (minimalist, recent, feminine, polished/professional looking) and started watching. The youtuber just started talking about styles she’s observed on the runways recently and her opinion on them. I’ve been seeing those trends all over pinterest as well (follow

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Livestream Gaming

quinn pascal aecst livestreaming twitchtv

Recently I’ve started streaming on twitch! I play Overwatch and am painfully awaiting the release of Absolver, a martial arts game with unique learning paths and move mechanics. I’m preordering the game soon and will stream it the second it come out on August 29th. Meanwhile, I’ve ordered this capture card (and HDMI cables) and will start streaming my face along with my voice! This is an exciting advancement in my blossoming streaming career.  Check me out and hopefully we’ll have lots of fun together! Love, Quinn Pascal aka Aecst (;

I Feel an Anxiety Attack Coming On- Here’s How I’m Dealing With It

coping with anxiety attacks quinn pascal quirky q quirkyq

As the title implies, I have anxiety. I feel a breakdown starting to happen as they have been quite frequently recently but this time I’m taking a different approach. My approach has to be different especially because my boyfriend is out of town and he’s been my anchor. For the past hour I’ve been watching youtube videos. Not necessarily helpful ones either. Step one: closing out of youtube. Step two: Food? Food. Sweet potato fries are now in the oven. Step three: While fries are baking, medicate and start writing a blog post. Yes, what you’re reading right now is

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Money and Houses, a Tale of a Determined 19 Year Old

bird house quinn pascal

I want to move out. My home life is pretty good, but I’m starting to see the benefits of having my own place. The thing is, I don’t want to live in an apartment. My boyfriend and I went to look at some but they’re just… disappointing. My solution? “Why don’t we just live at home for a bit and buy a house?” Apparently it irritated him that I was making purchasing and moving into a house seem so easy. After talking to my mom though (who also wants me to spread my wings) she has had property investment on

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Primed and Ready!

That job I was talking about? I got it! Not only that, I start TOMORROW! Hoo hoo! I’m so excited to work! I can tell it will be a great community to be a part of, but if I can be real with you for a sec… I’m pumped for the money. Specifically because I contacted a renter yesterday about a room saying I’ll let them know if I get the job. This mean I get to move my booty OUT soon! Or at least probably. My morning routine was going strong until today. I overslept, woke up at 11

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Routines and Daily Art | An Update

Watercolor Art by Quinn Pascal

  In my last post I talked about my goals and how I’m going to reward myself. I had run 7/20 miles on the treadmill total when I had the idea to check how far my fitbit thought I had run… then I realized I had gone a total of 19.99 miles. Exactly. I could dye my hair silver now! But wait, what’s that? My dad is handing me the phone? Okay, so I got a job interview for the next day. Maybe not the best time to dye my hair or repierce my lip for fun. Two days later and

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Silver Hair and Life Goals

I’m going to dye my hair silver. But for some reason my brain needs to have something else first. Some sort of life order. To remedy this, I’m setting goals around it. Once I jog 20 miles (total), and get my room clean I will dye my hair. By that time I’ll also probably have received glasses in the mail (and some new makeup that I bought). I also think I’m going to have my friend give me an industrial piercing. I’m excited to have a whole new look so near in the future… but also having to work towards

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Pocket Politics

State your message in a subtle way with the Quirky Q Designs new line of “Pocket Politics”! Politically charged designs politely placed on your chest! Classy, Subtle, Stated.